Our Approach


For our science program we use the 5E lesson plan format (engage, explore, explain, elaborate, evaluate) with an emphasis on student engagement and their own exploration. This format will guarantee that every lesson is hands on and an opportunity for discovery. Teachers across all subjects promote an inquiry approach pushing students to ask themselves: “What if?” as they develop the following skills: exhibition of knowledge by recalling facts and concepts, demonstration of understanding by translating and interpreting facts to later extrapolate, application of this new information to solve problems, examination to make inferences by analyzing patterns and relationships, compilation of information in order to create new ideas boundary pushing solutions, and presentation and difference of opinions by making critical judgments.

Guided Reading/ Word Study
Social/ Emotional Growth

We believe self- confidence and strong emotional health is key to children being successful in all aspects of life. We use mutiple forms of theraputic stratigies such as Yoga, Zumba, friendship building, and free expression of creativity to promote high self- esteem and confidence in each one of our children.

Working closely with our partner school we take our students final reading grades and create small group reading and word study tutoring for a total of 2 hours a day along with whole group reading assignments and parent/ child personalized reading goals to ensure each one of our kids beat the summer slide.

We are not a funding focused program. We believe in multiple areas working together synergistically                                   to create a whole child educational experience.  

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