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"Change is good, but constant change is called evolution." -Adrian Fields

Since 2013, Camp Endeavor has been providing low-cost OST and summer programming serving children and families in North Philadelphia, with a focus on STEAM and hands-on learning. Annually, our innovative programs provide 600+ children from underserved communities with access to entrepreneurship, critical thinking, and career-based learning opportunities that focus on social, emotional, and physical growth with the goal of strengthening our communities and offering cost effective, safe and structured learning opportunities.


The vision of Camp Endeavor is to support academic achievement and long-term career success through multi-faceted OST programs that teach youth how to be entrepreneurs, creators and innovators from Kindergarten through 12th grade. By creating strong partnerships with the schools, families and communities we serve we can help unify and deliver more sustainable, safe experiences for our children. 


Camp Endeavor relies on strong partnerships with community and business leaders to provide hands-on learning experiences for our program participants. From partnering with Philly Esports to launch a virtual mentoring and live egaming tournament promoting attendance and engagement in virtual school activities in response to COVID-19; to building summer libraries with the help of local businesses that helped youth stop the ‘summer reading slide;’ we are focused on bringing together communities to build on best practices in STEAM and career-based learning and support individual academic achievement and building strong and engaged communities.


Our diverse team brings combined experience in OST management, education, business, marketing and communications, finance and budget management, and social work. The growth and success of Camp Endeavor, from launching a successful low-cost summer program to serving 600+ students each year, shows our commitment to advocating for excellent OST programs and experience in campaign and program management, researching and implementing best practices, grants management, and strategic planning. We are committed to the growth and expansion of OST programs throughout Philadelphia and the implementation of best practices program wide.


Our Work

  • 2013 inception

  • 2014 Our pilot year with 75 children. 100% moved up 1 reading level, 5% moving up two or more.

  • 2015 Worked with KTC “Bell Scholars program” to create alumni to educator pipeline for former students. Collaborated with the First book  and read by 6 programs to give students libraries to read over the summer months. Assisted in the launch of a 10 year old girl business and introducing our entrepreneurship program.

  • 2016 Started a year round OST program in North Philadelphia inside of a school serving 100 children. Managing to keep aftercare cost at 6 dollars a day per student 100% private pay and donations no state funding. This pay model is still current.

  • 2017 Expanded our Aftercare program to 2 different schools in North Philadelphia now servicing over 700 students. Began working with parents to form clubs within our program and teaching parents how to turn their ideas into businesses. 

  • 2018 Mentored “Project Positive” a non profit dance group that partnered to teach children dance classes daily. In exchange we have provided them with knowledge that guided them through their non profit process. 

  • 2019: Introduced our eGaming program, a behavior based eGame rewards program.

  • 2020 Partnered with Philly esports to launch the PPP program an esports tournaments with entrance based on academic success and class attendance. We have expanded from 2 to 5 schools in 2 seasons. This was done in order to combat the lack of attendance due to the sudden transition to 100% virtual learning due to Covid. 

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