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My-pocket Fundraiser

If you are a small business in need of some advertising and support, visit and register your business for product or service promotion support.

Virtual Esports Tournament: Season 2

We have wrapped up registration and we have five schools from two different charter programs participating this season. 


Participants from KIPP and Mastery Schools, from Philadelphia and New Jersey, will be competing in a Minecraft STEM tournament.


This season we have also added an All Star Week! A weekend featuring of parents vs. teachers, teachers vs. students. 

Sponsor your favorite school here

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

Teens Creating Dreams! (Coming soon)

We are working closely with our partners and are in the final development stages of a new attendance initiative for students in 9th - 11th grades. The new program will include an 8 week course on how to create a business plan, build a website, market safely and effectively on social media, manage business taxes, and build a responsible brand.


Students who have perfect attendance and complete the required school coursework from the host school will get to attend workshops with speakers. As they complete each phase, participants will build a portfolio to present to judges, with one student will awarded a $5,000 investment in their growing business.

Season 1 Esports
Tournament Winners


First Place
Christopher Carter 
KIPP Philadelphia Elementary Academy

Second Place  
Ay'aah-Leighton ZaNaai
KIPP North Philadelphia Academy 

New Partnership

Camp Endeavor is honored to join the OWL Collective of Temple's Lenfest North Philadelphia Workforce Initiative. 

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