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Perfect, Practice, Play


Coming Soon to your school!

In response to the drastic dip in attendance due to the sudden switch to virtual learning, we decided as a family to do something. We met the kids where they are. To encourage students to attend classes daily and complete work we have launched free esports tournaments as a reward for students who meet goals. This effort is a combination of several different companies coming together, bringing there expertise and creating some major fun and relaxation for kids who are working hard and deserve it. Look below to see more!

Join our League

If you are interested in your school participating in this free introductory course, please contact us and share why your school would be a great fit!


See our season highlights here!


Perfect, Practice, Play Season 2 is almost here

This season the game is Minecraft. Get your building tools out and your backpacks on as your students emabark on a journey of physics, science, and competition. Register your school for free, spots are limited. Rules apply*.


MInecraft Castle
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*To be entered into the attendance tournament your school must agree to use My-Pocket our sponsors website to fundraise for continuing tournaments.

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