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The vision of the “Camp Endeavor ” is to develop multi- satellite camps in charter schools throughout Philadelphia catered to the schools individual schedule and culture.

The mission of Camp Endeavor is to provide elementary school aged students with a hands-on, holistic, educational experience with a strong focus on integrating science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) with the literacy. The organization will provide students with opportunities to participate in field learning experiences, allowing them an interactive framework to “touch, see, and think” about the world around them. Students will participate in hand-on activities that will encourage them to explore STEM through reading and nature, empowering them to explore and gain an enthusiasm for STEM that will contribute to their learning environment.  We do this based on these four solid principals.
Create : We will create a personal camp for the host school using their core values and culture.
Inspire: We will inspire children to ask, and discover, asking “why” at every opportunity and being greeted with an answer instead of a redirection.
Challenge: We challenge children everyday in our camp to look for “OFG” (opportunity for growth) 
Change: We use the first three pillars of our program to create change in a students life and use that influence to change their community.
We will always strive to put the “why” back into the educational system. We distinguish ourselves through this principal. “Many strive to teach and have fun while they teach, we will have fun first and teach in the process.” 

2013 Camp Endeavor